Get Dazzled

Our line of Dazzle & Mineraluxe hot tub chemicals are years ahead of other products on the market. Using botanically based compounds & natural enzymes wherever possible, these products are highly effective in keeping your spa water cleaner and your skin feeling healthier, while minimizing the impact on the spectacular west coast environment we live in.

Maax Collection and California Cooperage

Our Maax Collection and California Cooperage hot tubs are manufactured in the USA by Maax Spas and have several environmentally-friendly features.


Got BlueMaax?

Unlike almost every other hot tub on the market, there is no toxic spray foam insulation used underneath our Maax Spas hot tubs. Instead Maax Spas uses a removable layer of insulation called BluMaax, made from a thermally reflective blanked and a layer recycled cotton fibers that have been treated with a non-toxic fire retardant. It’s environmentally friendly and provides the highest efficiency ratings on the market.

BlueMaax insulation provides ease of access for maintenance so you can see everything under your hot tub. The result is a highly efficient energy-saving system that contains the waste heat from the pump motor(s) inside the cabinet. Most other manufacturers have been using old-school toxic spray foam insulation for years, and still use it today. Why? Because it’s inexpensive and easy to manufacture a hot tub that way. As these hot tubs get older, simple maintenance items like seals that begin to leak, will lead to chiseling away the spray foam and ruining an otherwise functioning hot tub – or paying to have it re-sprayed. Very costly for you and the environment. Go Greener with BlueMaax!


Clean, clear water with UV & Ozone water treatment options

Our drinking water meets the highest purity standards in the world. It’s treated using ozone and UV, high frequency light sources that kill bacteria and maintain water purity. Maax Spas uses very similar technology in its UV & Ozone water treatment options in your hot tub, to maintain crystal clear water with a minimal amount of bromine sanitizer required. We aren’t suggesting you can drink your spa water, but we are confident that the Maax water treatment systems are the best available in the market, to keep your water as clean as possible. We want to minimize the chemicals that end up in our water system. Go Greener with UV & Ozone options!


DuraMaax Cabinetry

The siding used on our hot tubs looks like real wood, but it’s made from recycled composite materials and will last forever, without rotting or staining from rain and snow. There is no need to use harmful stains to keep it looking new. Go Greener with DuraMaax!